General Information on Fixed Point Theory

General Information on Fixed Point Theory


Just as Hypertext itself is more flexible and useful than offering simple directories of files, it is much more useful to be able to embed hypertext links directly in the graphical formats of the papers themselves rather than restricting them to auxiliary files associated to the papers. The technology to do this in TEX documents is now becoming available through the HyperTeX project.
Posted: December 19, 1995.

  • Special Issue dedicated to Ky Fan

    The Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications is publishing a special issue dedicated to Ky Fan. Manuscrip must be sent to
    with a statement as to which Associate Editor the author thinks is appropriate for that paper.
    For more information, please get in touch with W.A. Kirk.
    Posted: December 19, 1995.

    Abstract and Applied Analysis

    This is a new electronic journal edited by A.G. Kartsatos. For more information please write to the editor.
    Posted: January 11, 1996.

    If you have any general information, please send it to M. A. Khamsi via e-mail at

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